We love to Wrap Party!

Over 1,000,000 wraps sold.


What is a wrap?


An exclusive new treatment used by amazing men and women all over the world to get slim.

Do they really work?


Oh ya! But, they're NOT magic... Our wraps were designed to be a slimming, anti-cellulite treatment that works to make you FIRMER, TIGHTER & MORE TONED.

So, check it out....  



Most people WILL see results from these wraps within one hour. (perfect for home parties or after your Zumba class)



Keep in mind, they're NOT meant to be a substitute for healthy eating or exercise. That would be flat-out crazy.

Our wraps are meant to tone, tighten and firm those annoying, problem areas that just won't go away on thier own.

Where can I use my wrap?


Anywhere you want... From head to toe.

Target your



All Natural

Mess Free

Only 45 mins.

Watch a demo of the wrap and the NEW It Works Makeover!

Step 2

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